Benefits Of Using Artificial Turf For Landscaping

Every homeowner dreams to have a backyard with a lush green lawn. Nothing can really be better than spending quality time with family members and friends in a backyard lawn. But a lot of hard work goes in to building a lush green lawn. You need to get a number of things right and that includes planting the right seeds, watering them frequently, looking for the seasonal changes and other areas required for maintaining a healthy lawn.

The above-mentioned factors- and many more -gave birth to artificial turf. As the name suggests, artificial turf resembles a surface like that of the natural one. The only difference is that it does not require any maintenance. Just lay it once and it will serve the purpose of beautifying your lawn for at least a decade.

An Overview of Artificial Turf

It was during the 1960s and 1970s that artificial turf appeared for the first time when it was used  for covering stadiums with grass in playgrounds. With the increase in demand, there was a need for greater durability. In the present time, they are not only used for preparing grounds for various sports but also in commercial, residential and also educational landscape areas. They are also used in roof gardens and around swimming pools.

Advantages of Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf 02Artificial turf has got a number of advantages over natural grass used for landscaping purposes. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that it can be grown in areas where natural grass cannot possibly grow. For instance, it is almost impossible to grow natural grass in arid as well as semi-arid places that receives little sunlight.

  1. It does not need any water
  2. Lawn moving is not required, so you do not have to purchase an expensive lawn mover
  3. Does not require watering and trimming like natural grass. You have to spend money only on installation
  4. Pets cannot chew them
  5. Resembles the natural one exactly
  6. There is no chance of artificial turf getting infected by diseases

Artificial lawn can be used indoors as it does not require water. Water drainage needs to be taken care of in case of natural lawns. If it receives direct sunlight, then it resolves the problem of water drainage. But if the water is not drained properly, these pools of water can result in the birth of mosquitoes.

With commercial landscaping, artificial turf offers a clean and uniform look and even maintains the aesthetics of natural grass. With a variety of artificial grass products available in the market, you will be able to select the right look for your business landscape. Artificial grass is considered ideal for commercial landscape as its strength makes it durable even in the high-traffic areas. Customization of the turf allows it to fit any space or shape including stones, planters or pathways. So artificial turf can maintain the healthy appearance of your landscape and saves a lot of money that would have otherwise spent on water and maintenance.

When you know the multiple benefits of using artificial turf for landscaping, you might want to go for it. But before that, it is always better to have a look at the live projects that have used artificial grass. Feel the whole thing, walk on it with barefoot, take photos and see how you feel. Make your decision wisely.


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Benefits Of Using Artificial Turf For Landscaping