Every aspect of the installation process is extremely important. From the moment the turf is unrolled and placed over the surface, to the pre-installation process, all the way to the details and cuts, it all has to be done by professionals in order to guarantee a great finish. Evergreen Turf has been in the business for over 15 years in the United States, Central, and South America, and it has been involved in hundreds of projects, of all sizes and for all purposes. From parks to playgrounds and from soccer fields to patios, we do it all.



Great quality and great experiences on your turf not only depend on a good product and a great installation, but also ho well is the turf kept and maintained. Our commitment to our client goes further than simply installing your product, we also offer maintenance and repair services, that will guarantee the turf is always in great condition, regardless of the purpose of it.



Our team of experts carefully inspect every single project to guarantee the higher standards of quality in the product we use.  Installation and land preparation play a very important role in a successful turf installation.  Our artificial turf products could be used in different applications such as Soccer fields (Indoor and Outdoor), Football fields, Baseball fields, gyms and fitness centers, sports lounges, playgrounds, leisure areas, patios, restaurants, bars and even offices.


Evergreen Turf ProjectsImages of Some of Our Clients

Evergreen Turf provided us with great service and an amazing product.  Our playgrounds and our sports field have state of the art turf thanks to them.  Their service was impecable and their price was extremely reasonable.. . .

George G.

Director of Procurement, SCM


ARTIFICIAL TURF AROUND THE WORLDThe Best Option in Landscaping & Sports

DOMO Naturafill

DOMO® NATURAFILL Naturafill is an environmentally friendly artificial grass infill material. A natural product based on specially selected cork. Pure nature, with no additives. The cultivation and processing of the cork is also carried out in perfect harmony with nature from start to finish. Artificial grass uses infill materials to guarantee the perfect shock-absorbing characteristics…

Advantages of Artificial Turf for Sports

In soccer, a high shock absorption is necessary to provide both comfort, while running on the pitch, and protection, when falling on the pitch. Therefore a traditional synthetic turf soccer pitch consists of sand and rubber filled turf.   For example a pile height of 60 mm filled with approximately 10 mm of sand (at…